Thursday, September 4, 2014

yada yada yada

long time, no usual, life has taken over. I don't know if anyone still reads, but if you do I post way more on instagram if you want to follow along. SarieLouWho and I am private so if you're a creeper, I won't approve you :) but if you're instagram looks like a normal human being, i'll add you!

So just a few things...

*My nephew's cancer is in remission! Thank you all who prayed.
*I celebrated my 9 year anniversary at work. I can't believe I'm so old.
* I turn 31 this year...I need to update my all about me...and I still forget I'm not in my 20's.
*Weston and I are going to Disneyland in October! If you have any awesome tips, let me know. We're going for 4 days and I think I've got most of it planned out but you never know who might have an awesome idea that I haven't thought of. :)

other than that, just working, hanging with the hubby and little guy :) thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Life has been busy

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Between working full time, raising a toddler, helping out with the IDI Chair Affair and Trade Show and life in general, we've also been rocked pretty hard in our family. My 4 year old Nephew was diagnosed with cancer in February. He's almost halfway done with chemo and starts radiation soon. Positive vibes and good thoughts are appreciated!

some random updates...

I ripped up all our nasty living room carpet!

and installed wood look laminate floors!
the floors are great for dancing on in your underware

and our Easter was great!

Weston is a big fan of the Easter Bunny! The bunny he doesn't like,
the one in the Kia commercial. He cries anytime that commercial
comes on and says that he is "scared da bunny"!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Minion Party!

My baby is 2! I can't quite believe it. We had a blast with all his buddies and went Bowling. Yes, 2 year olds can bowl. They have mini shoes, light weight balls and little ramps for them to roll the ball down. I didn't get any photos of that because I was busy supervising 10 kids, but it was fun! But I did get photos of the party details!

the food table

I kept it simple. cookies and chips.

the caterpillars were a hit!

simple cupcakes with little toppers I made

I made a banner in photoshop and printed out each minion

then I just strung them together

and we had a banner!

I had to get the minion napkins. they were too cute

I made little gift boxes for the guests and coloring pages
to entertain the kids when it wasn't their turn to bowl

each box had minion tattoos, crayons, a bouncy ball,
bubbles and a pack of minion fruit snacks!

a also made this "feed the minion" game out of
a poster and some foam core. the stuffed
bananas are just felt and hot glue

Weston was so excited!

minions and balloons-I just found images online and printed them

time to party

the whole set up. we took up 2 lanes and started to overflow
into the lanes next to us. we had a big group!

silly goober

he was having fun

trying to get a family picture

there we go :)

time to sing...

ooh, candle!

he was confused by the fire

confused by the song

and acting a little shy

he really didn't know what to do about the hot candle

but he was excited when he got to blow it out

then he refused his cupcake and stuck to his cheetos

yum, cheetos

very concerned about the cupcakes apparently!

Monday, January 13, 2014

a little update

Life is busy, as usual. And blogging just doesn't seem to make it to the top of the priority list! Our Christmas was relaxing and low key. Weston has more toys now than I have room in the house. Might be time to purge some stuff...

Let's stuff. Weston will turning 2 in a few weeks! (AAAHH, how does that happen! he was just born!) We're having a Minion party (think Despicable Me) and it should be fun. He's pretty obsessed with the minions. He calls them Bananas and asks to watch "Bananas" daily. I'll try to remember to post pics of the party. No promises though. I'm a slacker.

My free time (not spent with the kiddo and hubs) seems to be focusing on my BFF's pending nuptials! She's getting married in September and I'm the Maid of Honor! So excited. She was the MOH in my wedding and I'm so glad I get to return the favor.

OK, that's all that is really exciting. Not sure if anyone still reads this, but there ya go :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

hanging with the, not Mickey. I'm not that cool of a mom!

We had our first adventure at Chuck E Cheese last night! My friend Cassie is in town so we took our boys there to play together. They had a really good time. Any game with Balls was a total hit! These kids were nuts for the balls. They were snagging them from all the games and trying to hoard them. It was pretty funny. I definitely think we will go back. Just need to have lots of tokens to play Skee Ball all night :)
The boys riding the rides

Weston made a new mouse friend

he LOVED Skee Ball...seriously, the tantrum
when leaving this game was epic.


Whee! Riding a horse!
Or a "big moo" as Weston calls them :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

new floors on hold...

because we had to get a new set of tires for one vehicle, our hose bib was leaking so that was repaired, and we finally purchased a new bed since our old mattress was over 15 years old! We're sleeping much better, but my floors are still ugly. Being an adult is expensive!

Monday, September 30, 2013


we're officially taking our house off the market. we've been on for over 2 months, we're hitting the slow season, and we're just tired of it all. we will try again next year I think...time to get back to the updates in this house! New floors are next on the list :)

Pictures to follow whenever I get around to those floors!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

still waiting...

we're still waiting for our house to sell. what a pain! we've put in an offer on a new place, but it's contingent on us selling our current house. we're starting to get impatient! a few more weeks and I think we may just pull off the market for a while. blah! who's idea was this?! oh wait...mine. yup...all my fault :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And I fell off the face of the blog world again!

I blame the fact that we're trying to sell our house, I work full time, have an 18 month old who doesn't sit still and a husband. Life is just busy! I really do most of my posting on instagram and facebook, so if you find me over there, you can add me. Both are set to private, but if you don't look like a creeper, I'll approve adding you if you want to follow what the little man is up to :) He's really all I post about.

But whenever we get into the new house, I'm sure I'll have lots of home improvement pics to share. I've really had none in the last year because other than painting some baseboard (boring!) we've done nothing to fix up the house. It's pretty much done other than personal preference updates. It could stand to have the carpet replaced, but if we're moving, then we will leave that for the next person to do. Here's hoping the house sells soon though! We're giving it another month and if it doesn't happen, we will pull it off the market for another year or so. (always being 'showing ready' is exhausting) And then I may have a few more updates...can we say painting cabinets?!

Has anyone painted cabinets? Tips? Products you preferred?
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